How it works

So what is the good stuff?

Carbohydrates (the slow releasing ones),proteins, healthy fats (Omega 3&6), dairy, essential minerals and vitamins and fibre. Be rest assured that we’ve included the Super Foods and the Mighty Magic Antioxidants, are hidden throughout the packs. Eating a balanced diet is all to do with choosing the right foods and eating them in the right proportion.Through careful selection these are all the right pieces that make up the good stuff.

So what do you get?


  • 16 bags numbered “Day1” – “Day16”.
  • 4 bags labeled “Active Day”. These bags are optimized with a higher energy content for those sporty days, extra mural days or just ride-my-bicycle-in-the-park days. (We encourage an active lifestyle).
  • 1 bag labeled “Reward Day”. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so folks it’s all about balance. This bag, boy oh boy, is filled with a whole lot of fun yum! (nuff said).

So what’s in the bags?


  • A beverage everyday, 100% pure fruit juice or 100% pure fruit smoothie or H20.
  • A selection of choice grade nuts.
  • Dried fruit , fruit sticks.
  • Biltong or drywors.
  • High fibre biscuits or seeded flatbread.
  • Rice cakes , puffed corn, roasted corn.
  • Health bars or breakfast bars.
  • Cheese squares or cheese wedges.


 Products vary from month to month and are constantly optmized.